Grand Theft Auto 6: A closer look!

The GTA series needs no introduction, does it? It has been one of the most trending game at one point of time and well, now that another series is going to be added, the game shall reach back its zenith. The game is one of the most awaited game in the wake of its action, crime, adventure and role playing. GTA 5 has got great reviews and has been a huge success, so for all the fans of GTA, it is now time to add up another level of adventure and excitement to the game.


Note: As for what news has been airing around, the GTA 6 might have missions which are based upon the facts from recent times. Also, there could be additional international missions as well. There, you will have to run after bin laden and other related terrors and fight them.

Talking about the features for the GTA 6, chances are that the already cited cities earlier shall now get a break and a new city shall be added. Well, that calls for some excitement, doesn’t it? Along with that, new professions will also be added, including the likes of political party leaders, etc.

GTA Vice City 6 shall also add the currency of its own which will help you purchase various things including weapons, guns, explosives, etc. (Etc also includes sex with prostitutes) Weapons will vary in the level of damage they can cause, while some can cause immediate killing while others just cause injuries deepening on the number of times they have been hit/attacked. Similar to what we saw in the earlier series, there will be a particular system in which the main character can die. There are various ways for the same, ranging from a shot to falling off the ladder. Also, the game shall be set in an open world and area features will include bars, beaches, nightclubs, caves, forests, deserts, wastelands, etc. GTA 6 shall have pretty much of mature content and it could as well include stealing, swearing, violence, etc.

So now, wondering where are you likely to have the game on your systems and consoles? Well, the game is likely to be launched in the late 2018. (the fourth quarter that is) The graphics and gameplay will only see an upscale and also, it could be released for PS4 consoles as well as Xbox one.

The game was first released in 1997, followed by the next series GTA 2 which was released in 1999 and GTA 3 in the year 2001. After that, it took a total of 8 years for them to come up with the Grand theft auto city in 2013. And we all know how fair did the series do in the market.

With all of that, the GTA 6 is here and almost a year and half before, news about the game has flooded the market already!

FIFA 17 Playstation VR

Will FIFA 17 be available in PlayStation VR?

As you know that FIFA is already on Play Station. But, do you think it is possible to get FIFA 17 on Play Station Virtual Reality?

It would be a challenge for FIFA Developers. But, it is not impossible. It is surely going to take them a year more to release a Play Station VR version.

Electronic Arts is supposed to launch the FIFA 17 in the month of September, 2017. They would definitely announce if they are looking forward to release the Play Station Virtual Reality version of it.

FIFA 17 Playstation VR

Lets see what Virtual Reality is actually. It is a Computer Technology that replicated an Imagined or a Real environment and simulates a User’s physical presence and environment in a way that allows the user to interact with. Virtual reality technology includes Artificial Intelligence that creates Sensory Experience which includes Sight, Smell, Touch and Hearing ability.

It will take time for FIFA 17 to come on PlayStation VR.

It would definitely be an interesting thing for FIFA Lovers to play it in VR technology. It will really be a heaven on Earth for FIFA Lovers.

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Virtual Reality Technology was first released by Sony. Their main aim was to provide a platform for users to sense their involvement in the game to a better extent. It will definitely be a very good platform for FIFA players.

The main aim is to provide the FIFA players a world class facility and an awesome user experience that makes them addicted to the game.

We don’t expect it to release in the year 2016. It will definitely take EA one or maximum two years to get into the Virtual Reality space.


What is ShowBox and how to use it?

In today’s world, everybody is after movies and TV Shows, and why wouldn’t they be? Now a day movies and TV shows are the only happening things in our lives. We often use the torrents to get our favorite TV show or good quality print of a movie but sadly, for that we have to wait for months which in teen’s calendar makes several years. But how about not waiting for so many months but just few days for a good print? Well, this is where our beloved application ShowBox comes into play.


ShowBox is an Android application which is specifically for those who love movies and TV Shows. The application offers several features which are hard to find in any other application.

  1. ShowBox for PC is a free application which doesn’t even require any kind of registration or stuff like that.
  2. The ShowBox app also let you stream the videos online which will come in handy if you are running on low device storage.
  3. You can download movies or TV shows without any third party application which we do as we use torrents.
  4. You can download any quality of the movie that you want, starting from 360 p till 1080p HD.
  5. You can find all the latest movie releases or TV shows under one single tab!
  6. To start downloading, all you need to do is press download. You can view downloads in a separate tab for downloads.

How To Use ShowBox app?

Well, this is not a tricky question as you can easily find ShowBox application’s apk anywhere on the internet.

  1. Before downloading the ShowBox apk, first go to the settings and open the security menu of your android device. Now mark the option “allow apps from external sources” which will let you install applications from outside the Google Play Store.
  2. After downloading the apk, install it
  3. Now, open the application and on the main page you will be able to see all the recent releases of the movies. The list also has one of the most popular releases!
  4. Tap on your favorite movie and select the quality of the video, 360p or 480p or 720p or full HD 1080p.
  5. After selecting the print quality, tap on download and that is it.
  6. If you are into TV Shows then all you have to do is visit the page of your favorite TV show in the app and select the season and episode number and there you go, easy downloading!

How To Fax A Document Using Your iPhone or iPad:

Well sending documents through fax is pretty older technology. But you will be surprised to know that large number of people still use this technology.


Did you ever think of sending document for fax with the help of iPhone or iPad? Surprised. This was the reaction when I first get to know about this trick. Yes, you can send any type of document for fax machine with your iPhone or iPad.

I know you must be excited to learn this technique. I just love technology, even modern technology knows how to use obsolete one. So without taking any more time, let’s move to this guide.

  • First of all you need digital or soft copy of document to be sent. Yes you need to arrange soft copy of that document. If you don’t have it, don’t worry. We still have solution for this. Just install CamScanner app on your iPhone or iPad. Then place your phone camera on document and you will have soft copy of that document in your iPhone.
  • Next step is to upload the document you want to send. Just tap little on image icon showing in CamScanner for uploading the document.
  • As soon as image gets uploaded, you will see more option afterwards.
  • From options, you can choose fax to fax your uploaded document.

To be honest, this was very easy guide to send your document through fax using iPhone or iPad. There are many users who want to know how to send files for fax machine using iPhone or iPad. So if you like the guide, please share it on your social media profiles for their convenience. You can comment below and leave feedbacks for this guide. In case you have any query, feel free to ask.

It is pretty exciting to see how to fax document using iPhone or iPad.